Welcome to San Clemente

A Catholic School in the Dominican Tradition


San Clemente, Mayfield

San Clemente has a rich history in the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese. Beginning over 100 years ago as a small boarding school for girls, it is now a thriving, inclusive co-educational Catholic school, represented by many cultures.

San Clemente 

Mission & Vision


At San Clemente we are called to be a Catholic community inspired by St Dominic, developing the whole person through study, service and prayer.


Through active involvement, giving and positive connections our students will take notice and keep learning, living the Dominican pillars, striving towards excellence and truth.


San Clemente values are reflected in the four Dominican pillars and the five areas of Positive Education.

Bernard Burgess

Principal’s Welcome

San Clemente prides itself on being a diverse, multicultural school with students and families from a wide range of backgrounds. It seeks to provide many opportunities for our students while recognising that each individual is unique with different talents and strengths.

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San Clemente is committed to continual improvement in all aspects of school life.

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School Principal

"San Clemente is renowned for its strong spirit and sense of community."

Bernard Burgess

San Clemente

Learning & Wellbeing

Student Leadership

San Clemente aims to provide opportunities to develop and cultivate leadership qualities within all students.

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Learning Support

Central to San Clemente is the specialised help for students with learning difficulties as support to students who need assistance.

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At San Clemente High School, we are committed to developing a genuine love of learning in our students.

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Transitioning to Years 7 to 12

Our school, currently Years 7-10, commences with its first Year 11 students in 2026, becoming a full Year 7-12 school in 2027.

Our team is currently working through various elements of the transition including, Senior school facilities, uniform, subject selection and more.

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