Our People

Here at San Clemente our staff regularly engage in professional development and reflect on their teaching practices, so they can provide engaging, contemporary pedagogy in this modern age of technology.



Executive Team

Bernard Burgess


Leticia Wakely

Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning

Nathan Beckett

Assistant Principal Wellbeing

San Clemente

All School Staff

We endeavour to foster in our students a strong sense of compassion and respect so they are able to contribute positively to the world in which they live.

Leaders of Learning and Coordinators

Helen Wilks  Mathematics Leader of Learning

Gillian Rutherford  TAS Leader of Learning

Julia Nolan  Science Leader of Learning

Kate James  CAPA Leader of Learning

Michael Flanagan  HSIE Leader of Learning

Belinda Dempsey  English Leader of Learning

Michael Byrne  PDHPE Leader of Learning

Hayley Amm  Learning Support Coordinator

Peter Bottaro  Administration Coordinator

Steven Burns  Sports Coordinator

Patrick Doyle  Transition Coordinator

Anne-Marie Kelly  Learning Technologies Coordinator

Leticia Wakely  Assistant Principal of Teaching & Learning





Wellbeing and Engagement Coordinators

Meredith MacDonald  Year 7  

Mitch Allan  Year 8  

Michael Quinn  Year 9  

Kate Tolfree  Year 10  

Nathan Beckett  Assistant Principal of Wellbeing  


Cooper Barrow  PDHPE/Religion

Izetta Beletich   TAS

Jessica Bellamy   Science

Alyssa Blackwell  English/HSIE

Peter Bottaro  CAPA

Tim Braunton  Mathematics

Steven Burns  PDHPE

Rachel Bueaux  Science

Elise Carter   PDHPE & Mathematics

Dallas Collins   Mathematics

Katie de Bock   CAPA/English

Danielle Di Prinzio   TAS

Patrick Doyle   HSIE

Shelby Fanning   Mathematics

Shontelle Ferguson   PDHPE/Religion

Ty Fletcher  English/Religion

Felicity Foley   EALD

Stella Gaffney   LOTE/Religion

Joanna Godden   HSIE

Chelsea Iddon   LOTE/Religion

Anne-Marie Kelly   HSIE/TAS

Ryan Kooyman  TAS

Ellie Mathews  English/Religion

Emma McCarthy  CAPA/Religion

Narelle McInnes  English/HSIE

Andrew Mead  Mathematics

Ashlea Norton  Science

Rylee O’Rourke  English

Corrina Oszko  Science

Kristy Pascoe  English/LOTE

Laura Peacock  Mathematics

Sheridan Pruteanu  HSIE

Michael Quinn  Science

Bryan Rowe  Aboriginal Education

Ashley Ruddy  Science

Jacob Schmidt  TAS

Tatiana Tinlin  LOTE/Religion

Lynette van Zeeland  Teacher/Librarian

Julie Webber  Mathematics

Amy Wilde  Drama/English

Meredith MacDonald  English/Religion

Building and Operations

Michael Hochguertel  Groundsman

Julie Doherty  Administration/Clerical

Tracy Harper  Administration/Clerical

Serena Harsh  Administration/Clerical

Marni May  Administration/Clerical

Michelle Perry  Administration/Clerical

Mary Zeeman  Administration/Clerical

Melanie Roth  Specialist Support Food Technology

Toni Vial  Specialist Support Canteen

Gillian Burgess  Specialist Support Canteen

Jodie Gill  Specialist Support Canteen

Kristy Huber  Specialist Support Library


Learning Support

Hayley Amm  Learning Support Coordinator

Heidi Wilkinson  Learning Support Teacher

Simon Watt  Learning Support Teacher

Ami-Lee Thornton  Specialist Support Learning Support

Therese Simpson  Specialist Support Learning Support

Melanie Roth  Specialist Support Food Technology

Timothy Burgess  Specialist Support Learning Support

Hayley Cartwright  Specialist Support Learning Support

Bernadette Deane  Specialist Support Learning Support

Adele Doherty  Specialist Support Laboratory Technician

Georgia Evans  Specialist Support Learning Support

Sarah Howard  Learning Support Teacher

Susanne Isherwood  Specialist Support Learning Support

Megan Lewis  Specialist Support Learning Support






Psychologist & Support

Jenny Morris  Psychologist

Kalisi Ma’afu  Within the Gates Case Worker

Dean Morison  IT Support