School Crest and Motto

San Clemente is named after the Basilica of San Clemente in Rome, dedicated to Pope Clement I. The Dominicans have been caretakers of the Basilica since 1667. When the Dominican Order opened our school in Mayfield in 1916, they named it after the Basilica.

The school colours are Black and White. This is characteristic of the Dominican habit, largely unchanged for 800 years: a long white tunic, contrasting with a black cloak which is worn over the top. The black and white represents truth over heresy. The white reflects the joy and the purity of Christ, and the black reminds servants of the Lord of their humility and obligation for penance.

The centrepiece of the crest stands on the black and white cross of Aza, part of the family crest of St Dominic’s mother.

In the centre of the crest is a white dove and this is symbolic of the peace and security of the Holy Spirit.  The dove carries four ribbons representing the Dominican pillars of Prayer, Study, Community and Service. 

Our motto is “Veritas” (Latin) which in English means “Truth”.  This has always been the motto of the Dominicans. It continues to be the motto of San Clemente, as it is an ideal that we can all strive to attain.  In the broadest sense, “Veritas” means more than just truth. It means honesty with oneself, being one’s own person before God and before others.


Changes to the crest:

Prior to 2016, the dove carried three ribbons representing prayer, work and leisure. The members of our community ask that in prayer, in schoolwork and in leisure, the Holy Spirit will be the guide and the centre of our school life. The crest was changed in 2016, on the 800th anniversary of the Dominican Order of Preachers.


Before 2004, the crest was depicted without the Dominican cross. This was adopted in 1977, when the school was staffed by lay teachers only.









Crest Prior To 1977


Before then the crest was that of the Dominican sisters of Maitland, who established the school in 1917.

Dominican Sisters of Eastern Australia and the Solomon Islands <> (14/6/17)

1960 Crest On Award



The crest on a student's Award, 1960

1960 Crest


The crest on a school photograph of students taken in 1960

Prospectus Crest


The crest on the San Clemente Prospectus, circa 1948

Code Of Conduct Cover


The crest on the Code of Conduct for Dominican Schools