School Reports from 1950, 55, 57 and 58

The School reports - annual reports on the achievements of the school in that year

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"Once again we present a report of the activities of our Scholastic Year."

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"... towards the end of February there came with appalling suddenness, the most disastrous floods in the history of New South Wales.

"The result of this was a tremendous influx of Maitland girls, the majority of whom swelled our ranks merely for a period of six or eight weeks, though three Fifth Years and four Fourth Years have remained with us. We take this opportunity of expressing our gratitude to our Day-pupils' parents, who extended their hospitality to the overflow of Maitlanders when San Clemente's elastic walls were incapable of further expansion."

"San Clemente's enrolment this year reached the high figure of 180."

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"The enrolment showed a slight increase from the previous year and it became more necessary than ever to erect an extra class room. This annexe, though of modest dimensions, came as a most welcome addition when it was completed for the third term"

05 1982 Hockey Field Back Of School Petes Old Shed





The back of the school showing the annexe, taken in 1982, just before it was demolished for extensions.

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"On October 22nd, the "San Clemente" pupils attended the Solemn Requiem Mass and formed a Guard of Honour at Corpus Christi Church, Waratah, for the funeral of Mother M. Concepta, the pioneer Superior of our convent and the former Prioress-General of the Dominican Order in N.S.W. We are deeply indebted to her for her constant, kindly interest in our spiritual welfare and academic progress. Many of the amenities of the school including the Grotto were provided through the generosity 'of her deceased brother, Father O'Donoghue."