2000 Amy Mead



My name is Amy Mead and I attended San Clemente from 2000-2003 before finishing my secondary education at SFX in 2005. I loved my time at San Clemente. My friends and I have a strong sense of pride towards our education there. I had some wonderful teachers during my time there and their impact continues to inspire me as a teacher 14 years later. I also made some lifelong friends who I still see today. 

As I looked through my albums I was reminded of some memories. We were one of the last generations to wear the green and grey uniform (those kids have no idea how lucky they are!), my year was the last to have Mr Peart as principal and I was there when the shade shelter was finally built and opened (no more melting in the sun at assemblies). I have thought of some more as well: 

  • Cheese rolls before school. The deliciousness! If you helped out with heating them up, you were guaranteed a freebie.
  • The urban myths (usually sparked by Geography teacher Mr Tavener) about the nun haunting the attic. I would be too scared to go up there still! But oh so curious.
  • Mr Tavener’s generosity of giving out free Cokes on Fridays as prizes. A great teacher and a kind man.
  • The smell of the downstairs art room. I loved looking at the talent work of the older students and when I was in Year 9 and 10 loved taking art as an elective. The art room was one of my favourite places at San Clemente. A double period meant creative freedom, learning about legends such as Roy Lichenstein (Pop Art is still my favourite thanks Ms Berry & Ms Dougherty) and being able to listen to your ‘discman’ in the sun.
  • Looking across at BHP and the wind turbines at Kooragang from the A block rooms.
  • Mr Kelly telling us to turn to June and mark the David Jones half yearly sale in our diaries to buy him a present. A lovely man and a great leader.
  • Mrs Munday telling us ‘we’re only cheating ourselves’ if we cheat in Maths. A fantastic Maths teacher. She helped me feel very confident and allowed me to achieve great results.
  • The school dances. As an SRC rep in 2002 and 2003 I was able to help organise and promote these events. My friends Brianna, Kim and I would do the SRC report at assembly with ridiculous props. It was fun to dress up. I won a few ‘cd singles’ for my outfits. The girls would dance and the majority of boys would sit in the stalls of St Columban’s hall.
  • Debating with Mr McCloughry. Another great teacher. Unfortunately my year finished San Clemente’s 10 year (?) Lions Club Debating Championship reign. Sorry guys!
  • Ten pin bowling at Mayfield and drawing on ourselves with highlighter for UV glow bowling.
  • Swimming at Mayfield Pool and Newcastle Baths for sport.
  • Mr Kelly and Mr Beckett’s double acts such as The Great Antonio and his assistant Luigi
  • In year 7 we had to be evacuated to the field for about two hours due to a ‘gas leak’, we later found out it was a bomb scare.
  • My first overseas trip in Year 10 was with San Clemente to Noumea for French.