Strategic Plan - Towards 2022

Towards 2022 is a commitment to the direction of the School over the next years. This Plan is a living document which may need to be modified to reflect potential change in the School. Importantly, it is guided by the Maitland-Newcastle System Strategic Plan, Disciples, Learners and Leaders 2017-2019. Less explicit are the directions provided in the latter stages of the School’s Plan, as allowance must be given for the introduction of the next cycle in the System from 2020. Furthermore, the School will need to identify a relevant key focus domain for its External Review in the same year. Such factors will inevitably play a significant role in the direction of the School.

Towards 2022 respects the School’s history and Dominican heritage, along with strong reputation for community spirit, and at the same time, provides a platform for progress in a rapidly changing world. The Plan demonstrates that the wellbeing and learning of students remain at the core of our work. It highlights our commitment to Positive Education as a means of providing our community members with the tools to lead a meaningful and thriving life.

This is an exciting time for the School with innovative initiatives being embedded in both wellbeing and teaching and learning, major upgrades to facilities taking place and enrolments at an unprecedented high. Towards 2022 will support and further the mission and vision of San Clemente by providing clear guidance for the strategic direction of the School as a Catholic school educating in a Dominican way. It will continue to position San Clemente as a lighthouse school in the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese and Hunter region.


To download a copy of our Strategic Plan please click here