Enrolment Overview

Thank you for taking the first step in considering an education for your child at San Clemente High School, Mayfield.

There is an overview of the enrolment process on the Catholic Schools Office website here. For the full application form, visit the San Clemente Enrolment Application page.

The school is currently accepting applications for next year.

Nature and Purpose of Catholic Schools

Inspired by the message and example of Jesus Christ, Catholic schools live out a distinctive educational vision. Supported by the Catholic community of which they are a vital part, the invite students and their families into a faith-filled educational experience. Please continue reading about the nature and purpose of Catholic schools.


Enquiries about enrolling at the school can be directed to:

                Mr. Bernard Burgess

Address:   PO Box 405
                 Mayfield NSW 
                 Australia 2304

Phone:    (02) 4014 7300

Email:      mfs-admin@mn.catholic.edu.au