Enrolment Application

In order to begin the enrolment process for San Clemente High School Mayfield, please read the Catholic Schools Enrolment Package.

Then complete the Enrolment Application for Catholic Schools at the end of the package.

Once you have completed the application form, please post or take to the school with all ‘Required Documentation’. The school will notify you of the outcome of your application for enrolment and advise you of important dates to prepare for school. 

Thank you for considering enrolment of your child at San Clemente. If you have any questions about enrolment, school staff will be happy to assist you.


San Clemente prides itself on being a technologically rich environment to enhance student learning.  To further this aim each student is expected to have a device that integrates well with the school's Windows platform.

More information about the minimum specifications for the device, as well as instructions for set up, are available on this page.