School Fees


The school fees, as determined by the Diocesan Catholic Schools Board, for Resource, Tuition and Diocesan Family School Building Levy, are the responsibility of parents/guardians of students enrolled at the school.


Students textbooks, photocopying, school incursions, excursions under $50.00 and buses for Friday school sport are paid for with this fee.


This levy is set at $1,517.00 per year (2023) per family,and is paid to the school where the eldest child in the family is enrolled.  It is a true levy i.e. it is not voluntary and not tax deductible.

are available to parents who have more than one child attending a Catholic Secondary School in this Diocese. 

Concessions are also given to holders of a Health Care/Pension card.  An application form must be completed along with sighting of original card.  These forms can be obtained from

Julie Doherty, Finance Officer (phone 4014 7300)

Concessions may also be offered in cases of hardship.  In this instance an approach must be made to the Principal personally each year.  All discussions and arrangements regarding fees are of course strictly confidential between Parents and Principal.  Such concessions are not discussed with children or teachers. 


Our preferred method of payment is direct debit.

We have BPAY available.  All information for this method of payment is found on the top right hand corner of your statement.  You will need the biller code and your individual reference number.

Payments can be also be made using Eftpos, cash, cheque or credit card (over the phone).

The Catholic Schools Office declares that genuine inability to meet tuition and other fees does not exclude access to a school within the system by a child of a family genuinely committed to Catholic faith and practice.

School Fees 2023

2023 Schedule of fees

2023 Fees, levies and family discount

Health care card/Pension card Concession Application

Centrelink consent form

Direct debit application form