Student Devices

Welcome to San Clemente High School, a school that prides itself on being a technologically rich environment to help enhance student learning. San Clemente is a school that is committed to 1:1 computing - where each student is expected to bring their own fully functioning and charged device to school each day.

San Clemente is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) with minimum specifications school. The network runs on a Windows platform, so Apple devices are not recommended.


Setting up your new Windows device

First steps to do at home:

After purchasing your new device, sign in to it with a Microsoft email account - this can be an or account. It’s essential to use one of these email providers because it will allow you to Switch out of S Mode and install programs that aren’t available on the Microsoft store.

Then run updates - Search in the toolbar for Windows update, and then check for and install updates in Settings - usually new devices need to run several.

After students have their login details:

In their first few days at school, students will be given their network username and password. This account gives access to their school email, and also gives students a free copy of Office 365.

1. Log in to the wifi with your school username and password.

2. Go to the San Clemente High School website. The following steps use links in Quicklinks, at the bottom of the page.

3. Click on Zscaler to download the certificate that will allow access to the internet from school 

4. Follow the instructions to install Zscalar in Wifi Support

5. Download and install Chrome ( - if necessary, follow the steps leading you to Switch out of S Mode in the Microsoft Store

6. Open School Webmail - if a window opens showing the incorrect time zone, correct it.

7. Open Office (usually preinstalled) and make sure that the account used is your school account, giving you a free version. (Install it from Office 365 ( if necessary)

8. Open both Outlook and Word, and make sure that both are in your school account.


Setting up your new Apple device:

1. Go to the San Clemente High School website (/)

2. At the bottom of the page in Quicklinks, click on zscalar to download the certificate that will allow access to the internet from school ( and follow the instructions to install it in Wifi Support 

4. Once you have your school username and password, download and install Office from the link on the top right of this page: Office 365

5. Open Office and make sure that the account used is your school account.



In Australia, devices are legally covered by a one year manufacturing warranty. Warranty only addresses manufacturing faults. It does not cover accidental breakage such as cracked screens.


Parents and carers have three options:

1. Self-Insurance - Parents and carers take the risk of paying for repairs and/or replacement for loss or theft themselves. Full burden of cost lies with parents and carers for damaged, lost or stolen devices.

2. Use of third party insurance - For an additional cost parents and carers can purchase insurance by a third-party company such as iBroker.

3. Portable Valuables/ Portable Contents on existing Home and Contents Insurance- Parents and carers can have the device covered under their house and contents insurance. Parents and carers are to check their insurance certificate, PDS and discuss with their insurance company regarding the process and additional cost this may incur.

For any queries you may have regarding the process, please contact the Learning Technology Coordinator.


The school policy regarding devices is here