Student Devices

Welcome to San Clemente High School, a school that prides itself on being a technologically rich environment to help enhance student learning. San Clemente is a school that is committed to 1:1 computing - where each student is expected to have their own fully functioning and charged personal computing device brought to school each day.

San Clemente is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) with minimum specifications school. What this means is that parents and carers are required to purchase a device that meets these requirements.

Set Up

  • Initial set-up is up to the student, but it is highly recommended that a Microsoft Account is used. Passwords are frequently forgotten by students, and if the device is set up using a Microsoft account with an attached mobile phone number, it is easy to reset the password. This login information is also needed when installing some software, so 
  • Restart the device so it can install Windows Updates, then set the time and date.
  • Download and use Google Chrome as some school work is dependent on this browser.
  • Here are instructions for connecting to the school Wifi and installing the ZScaler certificate.
  • As a student of San Clemente, Office 365 can be installed for free. Follow this link, sign in with your school email and password, then click on the "Install Office" link in the top right hand corner and follow on screen instructions. Here is a more detailed guide.
  • Set up the email app for your school email.
  • Set up OneDrive for Business. This way all your work can be saved to the cloud, and it will be easy to access it and to print as well.
  • The Librarians and school IT support team (in the Library at breaks) can assist in some basic set up requirements if needed.


In Australia, devices are legally covered by a one year manufacturing warranty. Warranty only addresses manufacturing faults. It does not cover accidental breakage such as cracked screens.


Parents and carers have three options:

1. Self-Insurance - Parents and carers take the risk of paying for repairs and/or replacement for loss or theft themselves. Full burden of cost lies with parents and carers for damaged, lost or stolen devices.

2. Use of third party insurance - For an additional cost parents and carers can purchase insurance by a third-party company such as iBroker.

3. Portable Valuables/ Portable Contents on existing Home and Contents Insurance- Parents and carers can have the device covered under their house and contents insurance. Parents and carers are to check their insurance certificate, PDS and discuss with their insurance company regarding the process and additional cost this may incur.

For any queries you may have regarding the process, please contact the Learning Technology Coordinator.


The school policy regarding devices is here