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Update for Term 2, Week 10

Friday School Sport

I have been incredibly impressed by the level of participation and commitment our students have shown to our Friday Sport House Competitions over the last 4 weeks. Students have been highly engaged in all of the activities and have represented their respective houses proudly. Going in to the last week of games this Friday, the points table for each year group is as follows:

Well done to all houses so far, in particularly to Aquino and Castile for leading 2 of the competitions each coming into the final week!

Term 3 Friday School Sport
Last week, all students completed their online sport selections in preparation for Term 3 Friday School Sport. All sports lists have been pinned up on the Sport Noticeboard at school (opposite the canteen). Please ask your child to check these lists so they are aware of what sport they have been placed into next term. Payments for students who selected a paid sport are not being accepted until we know when normal Friday School Sport can start back up again. I will notify all parents/carers once payments open.  

All Rep Sports for Term 3 have been cancelled, while many of our facilities that we regularly use cannot take the same size groups as they normally would due to current government restrictions. These two issues combined have made it extremely difficult to place students in their sport of choice. In saying that, most of the students are well aware of this and have been extremely accommodating which is great to see. 

As it currently stands, external sport at indoor venues (such as gyms, bowling alleys, ice skating rinks) is still not permitted under the Catholic Schools NSW Guidelines. There is no guarantee that Sport will return to normal Week 1 of Term 3, however we are anticipating an updated set of guidelines that are to be released shortly by Catholic Schools NSW which may permit external sport in Term 3.

Athletics Carnival
Our 2020 Athletics Carnival is still booked for Thursday 23rd July (Week 1 Term 3). Similar to external sport, all carnivals are currently not permitted. We are exploring the possibility of still running the Athletics Carnival if the Catholics Schools NSW guidelines are updated and allow us to do so. We see a strong benefit in running an Athletics Carnival (almost as a community style day) if it is permitted and are holding off cancelling our booking for as long as we can. There would be no progression though as DIO Athletics, NSWCCC Athletics and NSW All Schools Athletics have all been postponed for 2020. In simple terms, at the moment we can’t do it, but we will if we are allowed.

Sporting Bodies
School Sport Australia
All events for 2020 have been cancelled.

All events listed for Term 2 have been cancelled. Please check for up to date information as changes are frequently occurring.

The following Sports events have been cancelled for Term 3, 2020

  • 1 – 2 August       NSW All Schools 15s touch football trials
  • 18 August           NSWCCC Netball Championships
  • 19 August           NSWCCC Rugby League Cup
  • 1 – 2 September NSWCCC Football Knockout Semi Finals/Finals
  • 7 September       NSW Champions School Basketball Tournament
  • 8 September       NSW Schools Football Challenge Cup
  • 17 September     NSW All Schools Netball Challenge
  • 18 September     NSWCCC Athletics Championships

The following Sports events have been cancelled for Term 4, 2020

  • 26 – 27 October  NSWCCC Junior Boys Basketball Championships
  • 5 – 6 November NSWCCC Junior Girls Basketball Championships

Maitland-Newcastle Diocesan Sport
More news will come shortly regarding cancellations for Term 3.

Steven Burns, Sport Coordinator