Student Wellbeing Overview

Message from the Assistant Principal (Wellbeing)

The wellbeing of every student at San Clemente is vitally important. Our school consists of students from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures and its goal is to ensure each individual is acknowledged for their uniqueness in a faith filled environment. The aim is to ensure all students feel a strong sense of belonging and connectedness to their school and community. 

The Student Wellbeing Coordinators play a key role in the lives of the students. A horizontal pastoral care structure exists in which a Year Wellbeing Coordinator is responsible for a specific cohort, thus four Student Wellbeing Coordinators are charged with the responsibility of overseeing Years 7 – 10. They are well supported by teams of Mentor Teachers who meet daily with their groups and every fortnight for a Mentor Session in which relevant and meaningful adolescent issues are discussed, such as mental health, relationships and cyber safety. Mentor Teachers strive to develop in students vital life skills, particularly resilience, and a distinct awareness of both self and others. Each cohort meets regularly as a year group in which common themes include prayer/reflection, celebrations and student successes and performances, with the view to build solidarity and cohesiveness amongst the group. The Wellbeing Team meets weekly and it also includes a Careers Development Practitioner, School Psychologist and Pastoral Care Worker who seek to provide extra support for those students in need.

As a Catholic school in the Dominican tradition, the philosophy behind our wellbeing system is underpinned by a strong emphasis on faith and gospel values. Restorative Justice principles are well embedded within the culture of the school and this helps foster an atmosphere that promotes tolerance, acceptance of others and mutual respect. A significant emphasis within the school is quality relationships, including those amongst peers, staff and parents. The school clearly recognises and acknowledges the importance of working collaboratively and in partnership with parents in pursuit of the best possible holistic education of each student. 




2016 Nathan Beckett


Nathan Beckett

Assistant Principal (Wellbeing)

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