Learning Support

Central to San Clemente is the specialised help for students with learning difficulties, English as an additional language or dialect (EAL/D), and Gifted and talented students provided by the Feldt Learning Centre.
The Feldt Centre is staffed by a Learning support team of Special Education Teachers, EAL/D Teacher, and Learning Support Assistants (LSAs). This dedicated staff also liaises with our pastoral support team, psychologist and counsellor in matters of pastoral care.

The Feldt Learning Centre is not limited to students who are “struggling” although this is a fundamental part of our work. It is also available for any student who may need help with their work, assignments or assessment tasks. Printing facilities are also available. So if you feel your child may need help with an assignment or assessment then please ask them to pay visit to the Feldt Centre and the staff will assist.

The Feldt Learning Centre is open from 8.15 am and at both recess and lunch for assessment completion. Teachers may also refer students to the Learning Centre for intensive intervention with one of our specialised learning support teachers.

Our Learning Centre is truly a place for all, though the core of what takes place is assisting students with special or specific needs, both with diagnosed disabilities or otherwise. The Learning Centre gets tremendous support from mainstream teachers some of whom work in the centre on a rostered basis and others who volunteer their time.

San Clemente has a unique approach to delivering support to students who need assistance through our Learning Support Team from the Learning Centre. The Centre receives great educational and moral support from the administrative leaders of the school. With our new facilities at the centre of the school, the Learning Centre is now one of the best resourced in the Diocese.


Karen SmallThe Feldt Learning Centre is named in memory of Sister Karen Feldt. Sr. Karen came to San Clemente , from Launceston, after a bout of cancer in 2002. She brought with her humour, kindness, wisdom, insight, vision, appreciation of the special nature of San Clemente and the needs of the school. She gave great encouragement to staff as well as students. Karen developed a special relationship with the students she dealt with, including the newly arrived African students and their families and worked tirelessly for the less privileged in our community. Sr Karen had a huge capacity for fun and jokes, enjoyed social outings with the staff, loved playing tennis and was known as a person who never gave up hope.

Sadly after four and a half years in remission her cancer reappeared and even when she knew her time was close she never lost faith in God, her community and those around her.

Sr. Karen Feldt died on 11.11.2005 and in the memory of all she gave to the San Clemente community both within and outside the school, the Learning Support Centre has been named in her honour.